Oct 26, 2009

Tokyo Subway Guide

TOKYO SUBWAY GUIDE informs the location of the platforms, exits, and
guides how to transfer to the other lines.
It guides all 290 Tokyo subway stations.
You can find the locations of the elevators,escalators and the stairs which
leads to the ticket gates. And also gives you the informations of the location
of the restrooms, coinlockers,kiosks,AEDs,other facilities and so forth.
The greatest thing is that you can get all those informations before you get
to the station. Plus this application informs which station installs Wi-Fi.

TOKYO SUBWAY GUIDE does not need to be connected to the internet.
All the needable data is in this application. Therefore, you can check
this application even if you are in such as like a subway where it is hard
to be connected to the internet.
The route map is attached and this route map shows all the transfers so
you do not need to switch to other application.
This application is arranged in 7MB in size , so it is really compact.


From the top menu (main menu) touch the screen in the order of
the route map---the name of the station--- and then the platform
of your destination will be displayed on the screen.

By touching the screen up and down with your fingertips you can switch
the display of the side-view and overhead-view.
The side and overhead view is adjusted at the length of the platform and
the position.

By sliding the touch screen with your fingertips up and down , compare the
side and overhead view. You can find the nearest way out to your destination.

You can find the platform position of the side view from the line which is near
the arrow, which shows the direction by the color of the (train)line
you want to know.
* Every (train) line is shown by the different color.

The gray illustration between the side and overhead view is the roughly
sketched landmarks above the platform.
Subways in Tokyo forms a weblike pattern and be overly complicated.
But all the guidances and the informations are quite complete.
So,you do not need to get worried if you can find the right ticket gate.
This application gives you the right guidance which you need for transferring
and to find the exits.


1) Like at the stations where there is so many number of connections, there
is a lot of platforms, and so we displayed the number of the platform on the
overhead view to make the guidance clear.

2) The exits are shown by the exit numbers.
At every ticket gates in the display, the nearest exit number is shown on the
basis of the ticket gate where you are.

3) Guidance for transferring JR and the private railways.

4) It is possible now to check from the reduced display screen.
It is fourfold be large in scope comparing to the view we had til now.

All the reviews and the corrections are adjusted. Thank-you.

(contribution Terakawa)