Jan 11, 2010


Today is more about Japanese toilette .  This is something
really interesting .

Where I call HEAD of the toilette..that has the name
Way back around 100 years ago. when most of Japanese
wore KIMONO. I hope everybody knows what KIMONO is.
It is a long dresslike traditional wearing for women..

When women use the toilette ..the dress was so long and
it was hard to hold while they use the toilette because..
they had to sqwat...so they needed a place to hold there
kimono for them.
Otherwise you can imagine what happens to their KIMONO.

So where I call head "KINKAKUSI" was the place to hold KIMONO
 while they are using.
But it looked  very different comparing from now.
Now it is designed small and low.. which no one can imagine
what is that for.  
But before it was at the higher position and
looked more like a hanger.
So if you wear  KIMONO and go to that right designed Japanese style
toilette. everybody will feel that   OH MY !! KINKAKUSHI is
such an usable object!!
and people will use it in a rightway without any explainings.

The year 2010..90percent of Japanese people is not wearing
KIMONO and so we don't need KINKAKUSI anymore ..but
as the design for Japanese style
We need to leave it like that to remind not to forget how our
customs were.

By the way ..about the right position to head for Japanese style toilette..
  I hope you noticed by the explainings above.
Way back a long time ago...the right position was totally opposite from now.

Now you see KINKAKUSI infront of you while you're using
That is going to be the right position .....BUT
longtime ago..KINKAKUSI had to come behind you
because you had to hang up back of your KIMONO while using the toilette

Things change a lot ...........isn't this interesting?

Jan 5, 2010

How to Use Toillete

A Happy New Year from Tokyo Subway Guide!
I hope everybody is having nice new year days!!

Today I am going to write about How to use toilette.
It's sooo bad  of me to choose this toilette stuff from top of
the year...but..this is really important and I know everybody
need to use toilette..and  I am sorry that
I dropped off this important information
to put up on this page last year.
I want to apologize for one thing ...that is
Because...maybe some of users had checked this page around
on the christmas time ..I think that there was  unreadable
Japanese messages on the page.  I AM SO SORRY for that.......!!!
There was some reasons why I had to put up that on this page.
but it's going to be my excuse so...but ..that was something about
subway and PYRAMID mystery which I always have in mind from
the time I was a kid ...which I wanted to put up  in ENGLISH ...
and so  I will ....someday.

SO! now I start!

There is 2 styles of toilette in Japan.  One is western style and
the other is JAPANESE STYLE.

Maybe already some of you had heard about Japanese toilette ..
It's something un-understandable thing....

First you have to cross over your foot on the otherside and
you sqwat down without holding anywhere and use it.
You'll see that you will find out that you never saw
these kind of looking. toilette  ..which you have to use your brain
and find your way out if you don't have the right information
about how to use ....otherwise most of the foreigners use it wrong....

You see the  small edge like part .which  I call the head of the toilette.
It looks like a place to sit BUT it's not a place to sit..
My friend from London..asked me why Japanese people sit on
so low place?   she was sitting on that...NO  it is filthy ...insanitary..


You have to sqwat heading this way.   

This is going to be the wrong way  which the head
 comes under your butt..and so that when you sqwat
 you have to sit on that insanitary seat ..
 which is not a seat ..like my friend did.  BECAREFUL!!

This is the Icon shown as toilette