Dec 18, 2009


Hello! Today  I want to write about
What is convenient and interesting about PASMO and SUICA.
It is not just a metro card for buying tickets for the train.

As I mentioned can remind how Japanese people are...
Japanese is someone who thinks a lot...........BRAIN.
It is great when they can stop at the right point..but sometimes..
(???? mostly??!!)  they go too far..
     I AM JAPANESE and German mix.. I know how I am.. EEEEeeeeeK!!!

For this card can find a touch panels everywhere. At kiosk,
NewDays(convenient store's name) ,  restaurants, shoeshine shop,
boulangeries, coffee shop, wherever the shop in the station.
Just touch the panel with your card and is paid.

And the interesting thing is soda machines and some of the coinlockers.
Even for these automatic machines you can use this card.

For soda machine. How to use is
first you push the button of the drink you want
and then you touch the panel with your card
and the drink comes out.

AND THE MORE INTERESTING thing about this card which
I say is going too far is..
They sell the cell phone which SUICA or PASMO chip is already
installed.      and is called ..WALLET CELL PHONE.

As you know our cell phone is about your palm size or maybe smaller.
All the's not cell phone anymore. can use as internet pc,
T.V, music player, camera , video, global phone, voice recorder, game ,
books, so on and so on and so on.... and WALLET.

That small colorful compact cellphone which 90% of Japanese owns
looks dainty and cute.   BUT it's not cute at all!!
It's like being our 2nd BODY.

Whenever I leave my cellphone at home I feel like I left part of my body.

So I named my cellphone
"BODY 2"

Oh see,,,,,,,I'm going too far from explaining about SUICA and PASMO!!
 Anyways this is something really interesting to check and try so...
Check it!!!!  hmmmm.

This is Pasmo address.     

(posted by misayo)

This is the Icon shown as kiosk and coinlocker.


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