Dec 2, 2009

Tokyo Subway

Hello! This is support page for Tokyo Subway Guide
Usually support page is for the page to explain how to use the application.
But .....this is for foreigners and I thought it is better to explain
about subway in Tokyo and how to use it.

First of all..subway in Tokyo is so much complicated and it is really
like a maze.   For example, one station has B1-B4 which every floor
has a platform for different subway lines. 
and for a big surprize..lots of the subway stations are connected to the
scyscrapers above the platform.  Most of the scyscrapers has basement
floors and from there is a hallway to the subway ticket gates.
In those buildings are the department stores , companies , hotels , restaurants,
and apartments, and so on.  Roppongi Hills is one of that.

Subways in Tokyo is constructed as the place which can be possible to
live your whole life as a underground people like in the center of the Earth.
Some of my friends are already starting to live like that and they say
that they love that style and feel really convienient.  No coats .No umbrellas.
Hmmm....  I love rains and snowy days... so for me  I don't know if want
to live like them but yeah.. I think it is very interesting thing and good to
experience a bit a part of being underground people.
So I recommend you to choose a hotel in one of the building connected to
the subway station whenever you get chance to visit Tokyo!!
The best thing is that you don't need to worry about the weather while
your stay and is possible to have fun atleast for a week!
Just in the underground cities using subways!!
If you get in the situation like that I hope that you use our application
and you'll get to know how
our application is usable and necessary for your stay!!

The thing is ,the facilities in the underground cities and the department stores
connected to the subway station has so much excitements.
You can find anything you need .   Shopping malls, movie theaters , bowling
centers ,karaoke ,various kinds of restaurants ,  esthes , pools, whatever.
Whatever you can think of to have fun.
What is I'm proud of is the restrooms!!  You'll see .
80% of the restrooms in Tokyo department stores and subway stations has
toilettes which you don't need to touch to flush or wash your hand.
It has a sensor . Automatic restroom!!  and the washlet .
I don't know how many countries know about the washlet toilete.
so.. I put up some photos next time.
I really want to show you some other interesting things too.
Next time I will write about SUICA and PASMO .  It's something like
a metro card but it's a super metro card. with a penguin design on!
and  KIOSK, phone booth ,  coin locker , escalator   'S  HOW TO!!
 DON'T MISS IT !!!!!!

(posted  by  misayo. n )

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