Dec 22, 2009


Hello!   from Tokyo Subway Guide!!
Today I write about TASPO card.   When you want to buy
cigarette from the vending machine, you need this card.

This is a card like an ID , but it's just for cigarette machine.
It is government issued card so it's not easy to get. It takes
about a week to get this card. By the  way  I   don't  have it
because we have to write down toublesome papers and send
it and wait.  I don't like troublesome works!!!!

These days it's becoming strict about smoking laws.
Place to smoke , time to smoke . We can't smoke while
walking because there is alot of people around and they might get burnt.

It means because Tokyo is the place where is really crowded and
most of us is talking on the cellphone or checking
our emails  while walking and not concentrating on other people.

Plus smoking !  Yeah ....there was lots of troubles because they
are not caring peole around .. they hold the cigarette in one hand
with the light on and starts to talk with gestures on cellphone
 and bump into others.
 The bad one was the cigarette light went into the kid's eye
while the kid was waiting for the traffic light to change
and the guy
standing infront of him  .....did it ..  ofcourse not on purpose.
So..accidents happens like this and the law becomes more strict.

TASPO.... this is ID card just for vending machines
In Japan there is so many vending machines around.
Cigarette and alcohols is something that you need to be checked
before you buy.  But in Japan ...I know it's very safe country
that is why they didn't care about til now... but maybe
people from other countries can't believe that we sell those cigarettes
and alcohol with the vending machines.
Whoever ..even kids can buy those stuffs
easily !!!

But now we need government issued TASPO to buy cigarette
from vending machine.  so kids can't have this ID that means
they can't buy easily.   BUT BUT !  All the people needs it with
troublesome paper works..

If you don't have TASPO no one can buy from vending machine.....
Just get a friend who has TASPO .....

Kiosk or convenience store or any shop where HUMAN BEING is
at the register .. !!  Just find where HUMAN
BEING sells .  And ofcoursely you should be over 20 years old.!!!!

 You don't need TASPO ..because they can check with their eyes.....haha hhmmmm..

WHILE YOU ARE WALKING  !!! There is security guards and police
checking around at those crowded places and if you're found smoking
they give you a ticket to pay for that . It costs like 5000yen .
Expensive cigarette... you can only smoke at the right place.

(posed by misayo)

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