Dec 16, 2009


Hello !  Today I want to explain about PASMO and SUICA.

These cards are the super metro card which you can pay for
many kinds of things like candies, newspaper, juice, tickets, and so on.
Anyways ..I can say that this is something that reminds how Japanese
people are... I think you can find this type of METRO CARD only in Japan.

I recommend you to get one of this card while your stay in Japan.
PASMO and SUICA works the same . Only the difference is...
the name and the design.

This card works as your wallet. Charge your money in and you can pay
from there . Most of the store accepts this card in the station.
What is really great about this card is you don't need to take out your
wallet and count the money each time when you pay.
  You just need to touch the touch panel
 with the card and your pay is done. You just need to check the balance on the
screen and don't forget to charge money if  your money is not going
to be enough for another use.
It is very convenient when you buy the ticket.
I have very bad eye sight and it's hard to find out how much the ticket
is ....the board above where the stations name and the price is on is
written in so small words and I always get the wrong price ticket!
But with this card !!   I just need to charge money and don't need to
find out the right price for the ticket I want.  Just charge enough money
touch the panel and check the balance.  
I think people from other country feels more trouble to find out the price
of the ticket.  so  I recommend you this card.

Where you can get this card is:

You can get this card from the vending machine.
There is a button to display the screen in English .
 The price is from 1000yen-10000yen.    Even if you get 1000yen card
it works the same .   It means how much the money is charged.
So if you get that card once you can use it permanently!!
If you use up the money just charge it again and if you don't want to
keep it zero.

 HOW TO USE this card when you get in to the platform.

At the ticket gate there is the touch panel written IC.
Touch that panel with your metro card.

and the gate will open . whenever you touch the panel the screen will
display your card's balance . so I recommend you to check it.
You have to becareful when you get out . because ..if your money balance
is not enough .. the gate will not open..with the big sound
and the bloody red light on!!  BEEEEEEEE!!!!!

BUT you don't need to get so worried about those situation.. because
I do that a lot of time!!  hahahaha.... not just me  you will  find  out ..
you will hear a lot of BEEEEEE sound in the station. Especially Shibuya!
Yeah so to get out is you can find the charging machine near the
ticket gate so you just need to charge it again.

                 Go find this charging machine when you are stuck at
          the ticket gate with the big sound and the red light ....

(posted by  misayo)

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  1. this was very useful! thank you so much for posting about the pasmo card!